We booked our tickets to Japan today! We will be flying out of San Diego on February 25th, staying in Japan until April 8th, giving us 41 days total.

We also found good and reputable accomodations at a great price (about $40 per night). It’s not a fancy hotel, but it’ll definitely meet our needs.

Over the last few months, funds have started growing through bake sales, through our own personal savings, and through your generous support! What was saved was enough to cover our flight and our lodging.

Our main expenses for the trip are:

• Our flight in and out of Japan (COVERED!)

• A place to stay for 41 days (COVERED!)

• Transportation for getting around Japan for 41 days (Not yet covered)

• Food money for 41 days (not yet covered)


We’re trusting the Lord to provide the remaining funds before we leave, and we’re excited to find out what He has in store for us when we get there.


Thank you so much for your prayers and support!



The Kendalls